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One of the first steps to a healthy mind is reaching out to someone who can help – we’ve made it easier by curating this directory of professionals throughout Aotearoa.

Just like there are those who look to you for guidance in business, you also need someone who can help you make sense of feelings, situations and experiences with empathy and practical advice.

So, this is a space to connect with the people who can help you move beyond change, challenges and uncertainty. These are trusted wellbeing professionals, who can support you in developing strategies for managing depression, stress, resilience, fatigue, anxiety and other emotional wellbeing roadblocks.

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369° Collective

Small Business Mindset, Digital Literacy & Enablement

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5050 Cafe Friends

This resource helps people feel less isolated and alone while providing financial remuneration for cafes, societies or other organisations.

Auckland Mental Wellness Centre

Auckland Mental Wellness Centre has a team of registered psychologists. We provide general psychological and neurocognitive assessment, diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of relational, psychological, emotional, social and behavioral issues.

Aunty Dee

A free online tool aiming to help people, particularly Pasifika, work through their problems and discuss their mental health.

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Bliss Coaching Psychology

Pamela is an integrative health and positive psychology coach offering one-on-one therapy sessions for holistic health and wellbeing.

Blueprint for Learning

Blueprint for Learning (Blueprint) is one of the largest providers of mental health and addiction literacy workshops in Aotearoa. Our workshops include MH101®, Addiction 101 and Leading Wellbeing at Work. Our workshops are offered face to face and online, and equip people to recognise and respond supportively to people experiencing mental health or addiction challenges.

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Body Balance

Awareness through Movement (Feldenkrais Method) classes and workshops The Method improves posture, breathing, and movement habits, enhances mindfulness/body awareness, enhances relaxation

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Bread and Pomegranates

Christina Baird is passionate about helping people grow and thrive and is particularly interested in the role of reflective learning for increasing wellbeing, confidence, creativity, and resilience.

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CC Integrated Path

Counselling, Coaching, Mentoring, Critical Incident Provider


Chnnl is a clinically validated app which uses anonymised data to develop wellbeing strategies to improve staff wellbeing, retention, and performance.


Get access to 300+ registered NZ mental health & wellbeing professionals that can support your needs either in person or online.

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Co-Pilot Sounding Board has 25+ years' business experience, offering 1:1 & workshops focused on You, your business’s strategy & life, ideally ensuring a happy & positive intersection of those.

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Courage & Confidence Coaching

Personal coaching services including confidence coaching, life coaching, mindset, career, business and communication coaching and NLP therapy

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EMDR Therapy

Are you feeling Anxious, Worried and Angry? Strengthen your brain's natural processing ability, to process distressing memories & become a HAPPY person.

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Erica Steele

Do you need help planning the next step in your career, business or strategies to manage issues and build confidence in your personal or professional life? I can help.

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F45 Training Te Atatu

The F stands for functional training, a mix of circuit and hit style workouts geared towards everyday movement. 45 is the total amount of time for sweat-dripping, heart-pumping fun.

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Fathers Fono Workshop

Fathers Fono is a parenting workshop aimed at bringing our Pasifika fathers together and supporting each other to be the best Dads we can be.

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Fierce Compassion

What happens when there’s no more room to work harder? Fierce compassion is a research-based, iterative process for executives, innovators, and organisations to reach new edges of creativity and growth. Dr Mary Miller provides one-on-one coaching packages, executive team workshops and talks.

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Flip The Switch

Transformational, fast and incredibly effective One to One RTT Therapy for issues that are blocking clients' lives around health, anxiety, overwhelm, and depression. One session will uncover the subconscious programming that we then address. 2 hours to success!

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Flow State Studio

Carina uses a range of modalities and techniques, working where science, best practice and intuition meet. Flow State Studio offer location independent, online services through 1:1 therapy, personal and executive coaching and skills workshops.

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Fresh Minds

Fresh Minds can work with organisations to develop bespoke solutions to support health and wellbeing in the workplace. These sessions can be delivered at our Auckland premises, on-site, or at other conference/meeting venues.

FULL Balance Ltd

We provide independent financial planning and coaching for business owners and employees, so can help a wide range of people from employees that are struggling with cashflow to business owners that are wanting to make sure they are on top of their cashflow, tax and lifestyle

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Good Ground Wellness

A health and wellness studio with a welcoming community, here to provide you with the guidance, resources, and support you need to achieve lasting change.

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Good Therapy

Good Therapy help with current life changes, trauma therapy, grief, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, addictions, whatever may be troubling you.


Discover how to make wellbeing an essential part of how you work, lead and connect. This short quiz helps you and your team rate your workplace and decide where to start.

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Heart Place

Heart Place with Nurse Jacqui is a holistic Whole-Health coaching practice with a twist.

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Heart Story Counselling

I offer you a safe, confidential, opportunity to clarify what you are experiencing. A place that is respectful of who you are, your hopes, and the impact of what has happened to you.

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Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds work in the mild to moderate mental wellbeing space, offering a variety of courses around managing stress, depression, anxiety and building resilience.

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Hope Filled Conversations



We are your Mental Wellness training provider. Our courses give you the tools, understanding and confidence to support people experiencing mental challenges, stress and distress in their workplace, community and whānau. We are Nationwide and can tailor our delivery to suit your needs. We look forward to connecting with you.

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Ignite Aotearoa offer flexible, online support to strengthen the wellbeing of yourself and your people, so whānau, workplaces and communities can thrive

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Inner Harmony

Providing you with professional knowledge, guidance and tools for Mental Wellness, Resilience and Growth.

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Integro Counselling Services


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Internal Strength

Internal Strength give you the tools you need to live your best life through coaching, workshops & al 10 step program.

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Jacqui McLennaghan

Counselling and wellbeing support

Jess Stuart

Coaching, training and business growth support via mentorship. With a focus on mind-set, building resilience and change management.

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Just a Thought

A free online course to help you tackle worry and stress, so you can take care of your mental and emotional wellbeing.

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Lauren Parsons Wellbeing

Workplace Wellbeing Workshops, Leadership Development Training Sessions, Executive Coaching, Wellbeing Champion Training, Online courses, Human-Centred Leadership & Emotional Intelligence work

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Le Pine-Roulston Counselling

"I am a senior counsellor based in Palmerston North and can offer counselling services. I am eclectic in my practice with a special interest in trauma work and I offer a compassionate and confidential service. I also attend critical incidents as part of my practice having completed training in this area"

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LeVa: FLO Talanoa

A free workshop for Pasifika suicide prevention; evidence-informed, culturally safe, and designed to be led by the community.

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Life Coaching

Coaching and Hypnotherapy to overcome stress, anxiety and conflict and build healthy habits.

Life Coaching East Auckland

Life Coaching East Auckland helps small business owners cope with stress and anxiety, as well as addictive behaviours through hypnotherapy and life coaching skills.

Lifeline Aotearoa

Lifeline offers professional development for business owners and their staff to support others safely and confidently - customers, colleagues, and community.

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Like Never Before

Teaching you how the mind works by attending workshops and retreats. Unlocking your potential, like never before!

Love Your Business

Love Your Business is a holistic business coaching practice. They developed the Be Bold mindset philosophy and toolkit. This is a big part of why their clients have such great success. It’s guaranteed to work. You keep applying the tools and you will see massive results!

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Mahi Yoga

Yoga-based movement therapy & breathwork designed to counter stress, muscle pain, & to promote overall health & wellbeing. Reduce levels of stress hormones, promote emotional resilience, calm & focus.

McInnes Associates Ltd

Dr Rachel, the Evidence-based Coach, uses proven tools to help you get clarity, improve habits, make life-changing decisions or raise the bar on your leadership.

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A workplace wellbeing platform that gives your workplace, leaders & people the tools to feel good and function well. Know for sure what is working, and where to improve.

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Mentive Consulting Services

Nurse Practitioner led specialist primary mental health service. Comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and treatment for mental health problems. Professional talking therapy, Professional supervision, education sessions / forums, physical health reviews, referrals.

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Mindfulness Aotearoa

An evidence-based, practical and enjoyable mindfulness programme for you to learn tools to manage stress, and improve focus and resilience to support your health and wellbeing.

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MindGold Services

"Talking therapy for individuals and couples for grief, trauma, anxiety and low mood symptoms. Critical incident debriefing. Wellbeing - Surviving vs Living group presentation. Interpersonal Communication Skills group presentation"


Mindspring provides a one-day training workshop called Mental Health First Aid. The training builds skills for business owners to have safe conversations about mental health with employees.


Psychologist Sara Chatwin and the MindWorks Team help people with confidence building, weight and stress management and overall personal development.

Natalie Gibbons Counselling

Mental health support-Counselling

Natural Ange

Drawing on over 25 years of experience, Ange combines a background in nursing with her many years as an expert in naturopathy and herbal medicine.

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New Zealand Curriculum Design Institute

The NZ Curriculum Design Institute offer business leaders four different Te Whare Tapa Rima Five-Sided Home Holistic Health and Wellbeing Programmes and can also custom develop programmes for organisations with specific needs.

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Our Collective

Dr Kamaia Pere is the founder of Our Collective, a shared vision to rise above our disempowering beliefs, stress and overwhelm so we can be confident and empowered as a collective. She uses practical techniques in combination with neuroscience to calm the mind and release disempowering beliefs while at the same time rewiring positive emotional states and empowering beliefs. Clients describe her sessions as 'phenomenal', 'life changing' and 'surprisingly fun'. Let’s rise!

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Pakuranga Counselling Centre

Pakuranga Counselling Centre have a large team of highly experienced and qualified counsellors, they offer a wide range of services.

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Counselling, Professional supervision

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Personal Transformation

Counselling Therapy Supervision and coaching. Trauma, grief and loss. Relationship therapy

Professional Supervision

Professional supervision to health professionals

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Provider Adventures Ltd

Mental Health Coaching. Wellbeing Coaching. Resilience Coaching. Leadership Development

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Pure Results

Helping ambitious people create clarity, make an impact, and own their full potential.

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Re-Centre is a private mental health based clinic. The team is made up of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and clinical nurse specialists.

Reachout Counselling

We are a counselling organisation and we offer our services to all age groups in the community. There are people that comes to our organisation asking for counselling but there are no funding options available. We will make an impact in the community when the children, youth, and families get the proper help they require. To allow people to live more fulfilled lives if their emotional needs are met.

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Real Therapy

Kerry Charlesworth is a qualified Psychologist specialising in Health. Kerry has a passion for helping individuals holistic health & well-being and providing a safe space to talk.

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REMiND is a modern mental fitness platform. We work with businesses, individuals and schools to improve mental well-being through mindfulness, meditation and self-compassion practices.

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Resilience Retreats

Resilience Retreats represents an experienced team of executives, professionals, industry experts and caring retreat facilitators who understand the needs of individuals as well as employers and have pulled together a life-changing retreat program which fosters personal and professional resilience.

Revive Employee Support

"I support Employers to support their employees by being available the same day an employee needs to reach out for support. This gives employers reassurance the needs of their employee are being met the moment they need it rather then waiting for other services that seem out of immediate reach."

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Ross Palethorpe Counselling

I offer 1-1 person-centered counseling, and coaching for individuals and small groups on issues such as neurodivergence and gender identity/sexuality.

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Samantha Patel

Samantha (she/her) is a registered psychologist with over 20 years’ experience. She specialises in working with LGBTQI+, ethnic and migrant communities and uses an integrated treatment approach which recognises how different parts of our identity and life experience impact how we experience and respond to trauma.

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Simply Therapy

Individual counselling, therapy, coaching. Couples/relationship counselling. Special interest in grief, loss, bereavement, divorce, infidelity, interpersonal challenges, social anxiety.

Small Steps

Small Steps is one resource amongst many that you can use to maintain, manage, or improve your mental wellbeing.

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Susan Helmore Health Coach

I help people to make lifestyle behaviour changes, so they can be as healthy and well as possible. I focus on 6 key areas of a healthy lifestyle - sleep, move, nourish, connect, calm and purpose. The people I work with wish to reduce their risk/prevent chronic disease, and specifically improve their mental & cognitive health, so they can thrive in their work and play. I provide 1:1 personalised health coaching both face to face or over video.

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Suzie Young

Counselling - Individual, couples, coaching, stress management

Talking Matters Counselling

Talking Matters partners with whānau, communities, practitioners, iwi and government to build and support language-rich environments for children.

Te Pou

Connecting the mental health, addiction and disability workforce with knowledge, resources, training, and information.

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Telos Consultants

Stress management, conflict management, communication skills, people management, work/life balance issues

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The Being Way
The Being Way

The Being Way is a consciously curated coaching method that blends the world of coaching, counselling, psychotherapy, and mindfulness. This unique method was created by the founder of The Being Way, Bree Nicholls.

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The Better Sleep Clinic

Auckland based The Better Sleep Clinic are NZ's insomnia treatment experts. Our sleep psychologists provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, CBTi, the drug-free, scientifically proven insomnia treatment. We also treat co-occurring mental health issues. Treatment available NZ-wide via video sessions.

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The Breathe Clinic

A proven programme that will give you specific step-by-step guidance to help you restore normal, healthy, day-to-day breathing to help you breathe easier, sleep deeper, be calmer, have better stress tolerance, and have more energy to accomplish everything you need to do in your day.

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The Centre for Empowered Eating

The Centre for Empowered Eating specializes in helping people to have a peaceful relationship with food when life is anything but. Courses are designed to support those who are having a difficult time with emotional eating, binge eating, feelings of food being addictive & struggling with yo-yo dieting.

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The Therapy Project

Mental health counselling, EAP services, trauma therapy, post-incident counselling

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The Wellwishers Haven

I am a Certified FlowCode Coach and a Reiki Master Teacher. The Wellwishers Haven offers holistic online one on one coaching and group coaching sessions. Clients can chose to work solely with me as a FlowCode coach, or if they resonate with Reiki Healing, this can be incorporated into their 6 week wellness programme.

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Think Life Coaching

Think Life Coaching - Helping mid-level working professionals overcome mid-career blues and rock the second half of their careers.

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Tiger Lily Counselling

Tiger Lily Counselling offers both face to face clients in Taranaki and virtual sessions across New Zealand Aotearoa. Shayla has a passion for helping individuals that are wanting to find themselves in a person centred approach to counselling.

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We design programmes & services for you & our company’s exact requirements. We are adept at identifying key organisational or leadership issues, & ensuring solutions are future fit.

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Vitality Unlimited

Resilience workshops and programs for wellness and mental health in the workplace, with measurable results. Resilience diagnostics and coaching services to boost physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. Free 30 min consultation

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Waking Giants

Waking Giants provides both online and in-person support for business leaders in resilience, human-centered leadership and purposeful strategy for individuals and small groups.

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Wands Psychology Services

Leadership, Management, & EQ/EI. Executive Coaching (CBT, SFBT and ACT frameworks). Professional Supervision. Performance Psychology (elite sports consulting and mental skills training). Aviation Psychology (including aircrew and engineer selection for a global firm). Stress Management/Resilience. Personnel Selection (senior/middle executive and specialist roles). Accreditation with many psychometric tools including the Hogan's Assessment Suite, Bar-On EQis and MBTI. Performance Management/Counselling. Team Profiling. Change/Transition Management

Wellbeing Workshop

Rewiring for Wellness is a science-based programme designed to assist individuals to build habits and behaviors that are known to boost wellbeing. Delivered by Wellbeing Workshop’s Kristy Von Minden - accredited Mindfulness Teacher, sought-after keynote speaker, presenter and facilitator.

Whakatau Mai

The Wellbeing Sessions, by Changing Minds, offers a wide range of free and online wellbeing sessions in real-time, helping to safely support you wellbeing from the comfort of your own space.

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Why Weight Nutrition Ltd

I am a nutritionist and weight loss coach, specialising in mindset support for emotional eating. My online Academy programme and individual coaching helps business people to prioritise their health again with a comprehensive programme that includes not just food plans but also mindset resources, goal setting templates, lifestyle recommendations, coaching and accountability.

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Wicked Wellbeing

I work individually with women like you who need help improving your health, vitality, and wellbeing. I help you change your behaviors in 5 core areas, that have been proven to have a positive impact. These include mental wellbeing, fitness, nutrition, coping with stress, and sleep.

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Woo Wellbeing

At Woo, we design, collab, mentor, and consult to create innovative programmes of wellbeing that actively engages people and achieves outcomes.

Zeal Coaching

Unique you. Unique approach. Designed to meet your specific health & lifestyle needs, our ZEAL Flourish Programs are one of a kind, just like you. After all, your health & wellbeing needs are uniquely yours. We understand & want you to stand out from the crowd by experiencing the ZEAL difference.

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