Qualified Registered Providers

If you’re feeling the pressures of running a business we encourage you to seek wellbeing support from one of our qualified registered providers who have the skills and understanding to support you in addressing the mental health and wellbeing pressures you may be facing, enabling you to navigate the challenges of both business and life more effectively.

One of the first steps to maintaining a healthy mind is reaching out to a qualified registered provider who can provide expert guidance and support. That’s why we’ve curated this directory of professionals throughout Aotearoa who hold a current Professional Body Annual Practicing Certificate.

Just like how others may seek your guidance in business, you also deserve someone who can help you make sense of your emotions, situations, and experiences with empathy and practical advice.

This is a safe space to connect with trusted and qualified registered provider who can support you in developing strategies to manage depression, stress, resilience, fatigue, anxiety, and other emotional wellbeing challenges.

All professionals listed on this page are registered and hold a current Professional Body Annual Practicing Certificate.

If you’re a Qualified Registered Provider interested in joining our database, please click here to apply.

Alexis Kliem Psychology

Alexis is a skilled and experienced registered psychologist who offers support to individuals seeking to enhance their emotional and mental wellbeing. With a focus on evidence-based therapies, she provides effective strategies to manage stress, overcome self-criticism, and develop better relationships. Alexis is committed to helping her clients achieve a more meaningful, enjoyable, and satisfying life.

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Asian Family Services

Asian Family Services provide counselling, public health education, social services, and support for all Asians in New Zealand. Our team of experienced and culturally sensitive professionals strive to create a safe and welcoming space for individuals and families to receive support and guidance in their own language, providing nationwide confidential and comprehensive services. We offer services in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, and Hindi.

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Auckland Mental Wellness Centre

Auckland Mental Wellness Centre has a team of registered psychologists. We provide general psychological and neurocognitive assessment, diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of relational, psychological, emotional, social and behavioral issues.

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Awhi Counselling

Counselling for mental health support.

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Barbara Torres

Barbara is a client-centred therapist who offers short and long-term therapy to help clients uncover barriers and facilitate options for a better life. She encourages her clients to participate in the therapeutic process to realize that it's their voice that matters in facilitating change. Barbara is grateful and humbled by her clients' bravery and hopes to create positive changes in their lives.

Beehyve Health

At Beehyve, we believe in meeting our clients where they are and providing a safe and supportive environment for neurodiverse individuals. Our team consists of ADHD-centric counsellors, coaches, and practitioners who offer specialised support and strategies to help clients overcome their challenges and reach their full potential. We strive to create an inclusive space where clients can be themselves without judgment and are committed to expanding our services to better support those who are often underserved in the area of ADHD and neurodiversity.

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CARE Waitakere Trust Koru Logo
CARE Waitakere Trust

CARE Waitakere Trust started as a dream in the hearts of a group of individuals who longed to see a social service agency in Te Atatu Peninsula. A particular need was identified for a professional counselling service which could offer high quality counselling to anyone in need of support, whether or not they were able to afford to pay the full fee. It was soon evident that there was also a great need for budgeting advice and support in the local community.

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CC Integrated Path

Counselling, Coaching, Mentoring, Critical Incident Provider

Claire Thompson Health and Counselling Services

Claire Thompson offers online and in-person counselling, coaching, and dispute resolution services to address a range of mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and burnout. Additionally, she provides support for issues related to gender identity and substance abuse. Claire also offers family mediation, workplace dispute resolution, and professional supervision services.

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Get access to 300+ registered NZ mental health & wellbeing professionals that can support your needs either in person or online.

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Conscious Counselling Limited

Conscious Counselling Limited offers a range of therapeutic support services to help individuals manage various mental health concerns, including stress, anxiety, depression, anger, trauma, communication issues, and more. Their experienced and qualified counsellors provide a safe and supportive space to explore and address personal challenges, using evidence-based approaches to help clients achieve their goals and improve their overall well-being. Conscious Counselling Limited aims to empower clients to make positive changes in their lives, improve their relationships, and live more fulfilling lives.

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Counselling NorthWest

Group Traumatic Event Protocol counselling, to take the sting from the tail of the trauma event.

Creative Arts Therapy

Kate is a creative arts therapist and artist based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Kate specializes in supporting young people and their families with mental health, learning difficulties, and developmental delays.

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CRISP Counselling

David has extensive experience in delivering brief interventions to clients. As a certified Havening™ Practitioner, he specializes in using Havening Techniques™ to achieve rapid results within a single session. By working on a neurological level to reduce intense emotions, David's approach offers an effective solution for those seeking immediate relief.

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Dr Marleen Dor

Marlene is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse with 30 years of experience in New Zealand and South Africa. She specializes in treating anxiety, trauma, grief, and low self-esteem using Schema Therapy, a form of CBT that identifies negative self-talk and builds healthier self-esteem. Marlene's approach helps clients break the cycle of self-defeating behavior, improve stress management, and interact more comfortably with others.

Dr Mind Psychology Ltd

Mona has finished her PhD study on Mindfulness Practice at Massey University. Across both private and public sectors, she has extensive experience of working with children, adolescents (including at-risk youth) and young adults for many years. Mona has also worked as a qualified psychologist overseas. The clients she works with come from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds including Middle Eastern, Asian, Pākehā, Māori, and Pacific clients and their whānau/ family. Mona believes that what makes Psychology so interesting is that it is not black and white. There is no one “right” answer. In fact, there are a number of different explanations and approaches to understanding the reasons behind human behaviour, which are also dependent on a number of individual and societal factors.

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EMDR Therapy

Are you feeling Anxious, Worried and Angry? Strengthen your brain's natural processing ability, to process distressing memories & become a HAPPY person.

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Empowered Life

Sonia offers a range counselling and psychological services to cater to what you might be going through. This may be work related, personal or something impacting both.

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Empowerment Psychology Limited

At Empowerment Psychology, Dr Missy Wolfman provides evidence-based mental health care tailored to individual needs, helping clients cope with stress, anxiety, and feeling stuck. As a Clinical Psychologist, Dr Wolfman is passionate about supporting individuals to learn skills and strategies that empower them to thrive in all areas of life. With a focus on working with neurodiverse clients, including assessment for adult ASD and ADHD, and supporting parents, Dr Wolfman also enjoys working with employees and business owners.

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Fierce Compassion

What happens when there’s no more room to work harder? Fierce compassion is a research-based, iterative process for executives, innovators, and organisations to reach new edges of creativity and growth. Dr Mary Miller provides one-on-one coaching packages, executive team workshops and talks.

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Freedom Counselling Ministries

Freedom Counselling Ministries is a professional counselling organization.

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Glia provides businesses with a variety of well-being services to proactively support their employees. Their services include executive coaching for well-being, coaching for burnout recovery, psychosocial risk assessment for organizations, and ISO 45003 compliance audits. With these services, Glia aims to help businesses create a positive and healthy work environment for their employees.

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Good Therapy

Good Therapy help with current life changes, trauma therapy, grief, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, addictions, whatever may be troubling you.

Harvest Counselling

I offer counselling therapy to employees experiencing overwhelming circumstances that may impact their work performance. With a compassionate and empathetic approach, I use a range of therapeutic methods tailored to each individual's needs, including Person-Centered Therapy, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, CBT, and Talking Therapy. All conversations are private and confidential, and I strive to maintain professionalism in my practice.

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HEART Collective

HEART Collective is a team of over 35 experienced psychologists, social workers, and counselors providing comprehensive mental health and wellbeing assessment and treatment services. Our team offers personalized care to support individuals, couples, and families in navigating a wide range of mental health concerns. We prioritize evidence-based approaches and strive to create a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space for everyone who walks through our doors.

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Heart Mind Psychology

Vanessa at Heart Mind Psychology is a registered psychologist with specialized training in Health Psychology, offering services in anxiety, trauma and stress management, as well as tools to improve sleep. She takes a holistic approach to consider the physical, emotional, relational and spiritual components of wellbeing. Vanessa's therapeutic approach is humanistic and responsive to the unique needs of her clients, drawing on theoretical models and skills based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC).

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Heart Story Counselling

I offer you a safe, confidential, opportunity to clarify what you are experiencing. A place that is respectful of who you are, your hopes, and the impact of what has happened to you.

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Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds work in the mild to moderate mental wellbeing space, offering a variety of courses around managing stress, depression, anxiety and building resilience.

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Helena Te Aika – Ora Well

Helena has over 30 years’ experience, working as a social practitioner and counsellor. Her Services offer a gentle, mind-body approach to therapy, enabling new pathways of self-discovery and transformation. She works from a “Whole Perspective” and sees her work creating greater self-awareness and options, equipped with lifelong therapeutic tools, that will assist in developing and strengthening resilience, regulating overwhelming emotion and physical imbalance, moving forward in life.

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Hope Filled Conversations

Sarah Linehan. I am a narrative therapist who listens for your stories of hope and what you give value to. It is these stories that can offer opportunities to shape a new reality – a preferred way of being.

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I am Health and counseling

Iam Health and Counseling provides professional support and counseling for individuals dealing with anxiety, stress, trauma, and crises. Their services also include effective strategies for coping and managing these issues as well as substance abuse treatment and prevention. Their team of experts is dedicated to helping individuals achieve optimal health and well-being.

Ingrid Nagl

Ingrid offers body-oriented counseling and psychotherapy that incorporates embodied resources for self-care. She also offers workshops and groups to help clients release emotions through SHEN Emotional Release therapy and teaches mindfulness to individuals and groups. With a focus on embodied practices, Ingrid helps clients find holistic approaches to healing and self-discovery.

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Inner Strength Counselling

I coach and mentor corporate clients, which includes managing stress and burnout, improving communication within the workplace, work life balance, performance enhancement, group supervision and conflict resolution. Mo provides a warm, kind, hopeful, and effective space for increased awareness, personal growth and healing. In his holistic practice, he integrates modern therapy with age old wisdom traditions. I have worked with people with various difficulties, including: Anxiety, panic attacks, depression, various addictions, (C)PTSD, OCD, ADHD, stress, self-worth, social confidence, eating disorders & body image issues, sexual abuse, major life decisions, issues of abandonment, betrayal, existential & spiritual dilemmas, and relationship difficulties

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Integro Counselling Services


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Jacqui McLennaghan

Counselling and wellbeing support

Jessica Leigh T/A Two Chairs

Hi, I am Jess. I am an independent counsellor based in Auckland. It is my belief that sourcing mental health support is an act of courage and self-compassion. The helping relationship is something I have always been drawn to, and counselling was a natural fit for this

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Judy Online Counselling for You

Judy is an experienced and qualified Counsellor and Apatheia therapist who provides proven tools and strategies to deal with trauma, grief, and anxiety. She offers individual therapy sessions that focus on releasing these emotions without having to re-live them. Additionally, if you resonate with Reiki healing, this can also be incorporated into the sessions to provide a powerful healing experience.

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Kate Todd Coaching and Counselling

Kate is a skilled counsellor and coach who can help you manage stress and anxiety. With a combination of counselling and coaching techniques, she can help you identify the obstacles in your life and guide you to make positive changes. Kate offers a safe and non-judgmental space for you to focus on your own needs and goals.

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Lamont Healing

Shona offers counseling services for various life challenges, such as trauma, PTSD, depression, and anxiety, and provides specific plans tailored to clients' well-being needs. She offers both face-to-face and online counseling services to cater to clients' preferences and circumstances. Shona believes that every individual's experiences and concerns are unique and strives to provide a safe and supportive environment for all her clients.

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Le Pine-Roulston Counselling

"I am a senior counsellor based in Palmerston North and can offer counselling services. I am eclectic in my practice with a special interest in trauma work and I offer a compassionate and confidential service. I also attend critical incidents as part of my practice having completed training in this area"

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Leanne French Counselling

Leanne French is a Registered Counsellor who provides online and phone counselling services aimed at reducing stress and overwhelm. With expertise in relationship counselling, addiction counselling, and artistic expression, she encourages clients to gain coping strategies to transform their troubles, enhance their communication skills, and improve their emotional wellbeing. Leanne also helps clients ditch dependencies, resolve or strengthen relationships, and challenge unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

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Lorraine Dodd: Counsellor

Individual counselling. Supervision

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Magnolia Supporting You

Here at Magnolia Supporting You our aim is to support our customers to be the best version of themselves in love, life, loss and work. We offer a wide variety of services to meet all of life’s obstacles these include, Business Mentoring, Celebrant Services, Professional Supervision, Counselling and Social Work Support. All of our services are provided by our founder Bonnie Tainui who is a Registered Social Worker and Celebrant. Our services are available across Aotearoa New Zealand both online and in person. Making a difference in people’s lives is our core motivator and one of the reasons Magnolia Supporting You was first established. We look forward to making a difference in people’s lives no matter how big or small it maybe we are here to help..

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Mary Spencer is a skilled and compassionate mental health therapist with extensive experience in providing both short-term counseling and long-term therapy services. She specializes in helping clients with a variety of mental health concerns, such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationship issues, among others. Mary takes a collaborative and client-centered approach to therapy, tailoring her treatment to each individual's unique needs and goals, and empowering them to make meaningful changes in their lives.

Mind Garage - Ampara Bouwens
Mind Garage Ltd

Ampara Bouwens is a clinical psychologist with over a decade of experience working with individuals with mental health issues such as addiction, depression, psychotic disorders, trauma, and severe personality disorders. With a background in forensic psychology, Ampara has also worked with violent and sexual offenders in the Department of Corrections. She now now has a private practice and is passionate about helping Kiwis.

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Mind Health

Counselling: Including topics such as relationships, depression, anxiety, anger, work, self-esteem, habits, addictions, children, parenting, goal setting, self-harm, grief.

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MindCare Counselling & Training Ltd

Over 25 years as a therapist working in health, rural, community, education and NGO settings. Comprehensive range of proven therapeutic strategies that reflect my diverse training- Master of Counselling (Hons), Registered Nurse/Midwife, ACT therapy, Havening neuroscience and mindfulness. Able to reach all clients across the country via phone or zoom, or in person if the client lives near/in Hamilton.

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MindMatters Clinic Ltd

NZ’s leading clinical experts in workplace mental health and wellbeing, contact us today to be connected to the best psychologist to meet your specific needs. MindMatters Clinic provide individual executive coaching and psychological support to businesses, as well as working with organisations to manage mental health and psychosocial risks. We also do speaking events.

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Mindwise Limited

Mindwise is a psychotherapy practice that specializes in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy to help individuals overcome emotional distress and symptoms related to past traumatic experiences. They provide a safe and supportive environment for clients to explore their feelings and develop coping strategies to improve their mental health and well-being.


Psychologist Sara Chatwin and the MindWorks Team are based in Auckland but provide services all over New Zealand and beyond. They help people with confidence building, stress management, attaining fitness goals and overall personal development. If you're looking for individual and family services, sports or business mentoring, and an entire range of other psychological therapeutic techniques and counselling services, then you've found the right team! At MindWorks we're committed to providing REAL options for people to consider when they want to move forward in their personal, family, sporting or business endeavours. Positivity, success and satisfaction with your life is only a decision away: Choose us and take "the journey from average to AWESOME!"

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Napier Family Centre

Napier Family Centre offers a range of services, including counseling, financial capability, and family support, to help families in the community cope with social pressures and improve their quality of life. The organization was established in response to research showing that many families were struggling with stress and lacked support. Napier Family Centre aims to provide a lifeline for families and has helped thousands of families over the years, with programs designed and evaluated by qualified professionals to ensure they meet the community's evolving needs.

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Natalie Gibbons Counselling

Mental health support-Counselling

Nathanael Dei Gratia Counselling

Counselling and Wellbeing Support

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Neha Golchha

Neha is a warm and empathetic clinical psychologist with a vast range of experience across different settings in both India and New Zealand. Neha has conducted rigorous assessments and provide evidence-based interventions to help my clients across a variety of mental health difficulties. Neha has a keen interest in eating disorders, adjustment and grief reactions, stress induced problems, anxiety and depression. She is also bilingual, speaking both English and Hindi.

Ninad Patel Psychology

I offer valuable insights to help clients overcome a variety of challenges and achieve personal growth. Through a combination of evidence-based techniques and compassionate guidance, I can help clients navigate difficult emotions, improve relationships, and develop a stronger sense of self. My approach is tailored to each individual’s unique needs, and I provide a safe and supportive environment for clients to explore your thoughts and feelings.

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One Life

Helen is a registered nurse with over 15 years of experience as a mental health nurse & clinical nurse specialist. She is also a Certified Life Coach with advanced training in IDT and DBT, and a member of ACNEM and AIMA. Helen has a passion for supporting and empowering individuals in their mental health journey and offers speaking, consulting, and one-on-one appointments, utilizing her training in mindfulness for health practitioners and a holistic approach to mental health. She is approachable and able to assist individuals at any stage of their mental health journey, whether experienced or new to the topic.

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Our Collective

Dr Kamaia Pere is the founder of Our Collective, a shared vision to rise above our disempowering beliefs, stress and overwhelm so we can be confident and empowered as a collective. She uses practical techniques in combination with neuroscience to calm the mind and release disempowering beliefs while at the same time rewiring positive emotional states and empowering beliefs. Clients describe her sessions as 'phenomenal', 'life changing' and 'surprisingly fun'. Let’s rise!

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Outcome Focused Therapy (Khan Richardson)
Outcome Focused Therapy

Outcome Focused Therapy is a counselling practice specialising in the use of the Solution Focused Model. The process of change does not have to be long and traumatic. Khan's approach is dynamic, energising and most importantly, effective. Khan uses this model to assist individuals, and couples to transform themselves on the path toward their preferred future.

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Pakuranga Counselling Centre

Pakuranga Counselling Centre have a large team of highly experienced and qualified counsellors, they offer a wide range of services.

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Personal Transformation

Counselling Therapy Supervision and coaching. Trauma, grief and loss. Relationship therapy

Power Psychology

Clinical Psychologist based on the North Shore of Auckland, specialising in trauma and anxiety

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Pregnancy Wellness Ltd trading as “Kate Sedon Wellness”

There are 3 ways to work with me. Workplace Wellness Program, Online Group Coaching Program or Individualised Corporate Wellness Contracts. The Workplace Wellness Programs or Bespoke Keynote sessions I run are aimed at improving Employee Wellbeing, Mental Health, Productivity, Resilience & Stress Management. These vary from one off sessions to a 3 part series or a 12 month individualised contract that can include onsite health & wellbeing programs. I am also super passionate about supporting mothers to return to work postpartum through 1:1 Coaching/Online support or bespoke presentations for working parents.

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Reachout Counselling

We are a counselling organisation and we offer our services to all age groups in the community. There are people that comes to our organisation asking for counselling but there are no funding options available. We will make an impact in the community when the children, youth, and families get the proper help they require. To allow people to live more fulfilled lives if their emotional needs are met.

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Real Therapy

Kerry Charlesworth is a qualified Psychologist specialising in Health. Kerry has a passion for helping individuals holistic health & well-being and providing a safe space to talk.

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Refresh Counselling (Dan Jackson)
Refresh Counselling

Dan at Refresh Counselling offers personalized counseling services based on a range of modalities, including ACT, CBT, person-centered, and narrative therapy. He takes a holistic approach to mental health and well-being, helping clients navigate issues related to anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationship problems. With a focus on building a strong therapeutic relationship, Dan creates a safe space for clients to explore their thoughts and emotions, gain insight into their experiences, and work towards positive change.

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Resilience Clinical Psychology

Our vision is to inspire New Zealanders to live more fulfilled lives by helping them find solutions to the challenges that they are facing.

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Ria Psychology
Ria Psychology

Ria is an experienced mental health professional who specializes in employee assistance programs (EAP) and resolving workplace and interpersonal conflicts. With expertise in mental health assessment, diagnoses, and therapy, Ria also focuses on improving workplace culture and problem-solving. Her compassionate and client-centered approach helps individuals and organizations navigate challenging situations and achieve positive outcomes.

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Rochelle Gates – Individual & Couples Therapist

As an experienced individual and couple therapist with over two decades of work and training in the healing fields, my approach is informed by a deep understanding of psychology, psychotherapy, psychodrama, couple therapy, and aware parenting. Specialising in various areas such as emotional well-being, relationships, confidence, body image, the interconnection between mental and physical health, parenting, anxiety, stress, and self-compassion, I offer individual adult counselling to help clients explore their emotional landscape, navigate life situations, connect with their integrity, identify core desires, and heal from past hurts. Additionally, in couple therapy, I assist individuals in open expression, effective communication, addressing underlying issues, and rediscovering their love story while fostering understanding, listening, and conscious agreements. I also provide support for couples going through separation.

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Ross Palethorpe Counselling

I offer 1-1 person-centered counseling, and coaching for individuals and small groups on issues such as neurodivergence and gender identity/sexuality.

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Samantha Patel

Samantha (she/her) is a registered psychologist with over 20 years’ experience. She specialises in working with LGBTQI+, ethnic and migrant communities and uses an integrated treatment approach which recognises how different parts of our identity and life experience impact how we experience and respond to trauma.

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Sarah Nicoll Therapy Services

I have 20+ years’ experience as New Zealand Registered Health Professional with an extensive background in both mental health therapy/counselling and occupational therapy. Within my practice I use a combination of evidence based talking therapies such as CBT, ACT, Mindfulness and Psychoeducation alongside Occupational and Psychosocial models of practice. I adopt a trauma informed lens including understanding the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s). More recently I have also started to develop clinical skills in supporting people with ADHD. I am aware of my responsibilities under Te Tiriti o Waitangi and work for equitable outcomes for Māori health and wellbeing. I specialize in working with people with anxiety, panic, depression, stress, burnout, ADHD, substance abuse, health conditions/disabilities/ injuries and interpersonal or workplace conflict. I am currently in private practice offering mental health therapy and counselling to adults aged 18+years in the Wakatipu region.

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Spero specializes in working with individuals, whānau and organisations to address the impact that substances and behaviours may be having on them. We are based in Wellington, New Zealand. We can assist with individual assessment and recovery planning, policy analysis development, as well as facilitation of custom information sessions depending on your needs.

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Stacey Dukes Psychology

Stacey is a Registered Psychologist with a passion for holistic health and wellbeing. She takes a holistic approach to supporting her clients on their journey to living connected and fulfilling lives, focusing on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Stacey is based in Auckland and also provides online services.

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Stuff Happenz
Stuff Happenz Counselling

Ally at Stuff Happenz is a qualified personal counselor who specializes in working with adults, youth, and children dealing with physical injuries, complex chronic illnesses, cancer, relationship breakdown, anxiety and depression, panic attacks, trauma, grief, and loss. With her background in nursing and youth health, Ally has experience working in high schools and other youth training facilities, providing support to young people facing various challenges. Ally's approach includes CBT and CBT Narrative, EFT couple therapy and individuals, a strength-based focus, the Te Whare Tapa Wha model, and a client-centered approach.

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The Couch

The Couch offers Counselling, Wellbeing, and Coaching services to individuals, couples, families, and companies/organizations. The Couch aims to make it easy for anyone to access counselling and support as awareness of physical and psychological wellbeing grows in all aspects of our lives. Services include 1-1 counselling, relationship counselling, and developing wellbeing programs for companies and organizations. The Couch also offers online and telephone counselling for easy access.

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The Reflective Practice

Wellbeing support

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The Therapy Space

Psychology services

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Tiger Lily Counselling

Tiger Lily Counselling offers both face to face clients in Taranaki and virtual sessions across New Zealand Aotearoa. Shayla has a passion for helping individuals that are wanting to find themselves in a person centred approach to counselling.

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Trinity Initiatives consulting and counselling (Ruth McConnell)
Trinity Initiatives consulting and counselling

I am a very experienced registered counsellor who works with clients struggling anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, loss and grief.

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Tuatara Counselling Services
Tuatara Counselling Services provides confidential, safe, and non-judgemental counselling for people of all ages. Counselling may be useful in times of stress, grief, anxiety, depression, trauma or anger; if you are struggling with relationship, childhood or parenting issues; or if you are wanting to talk about any aspect of your life that has become difficult for you. Tuatara Counselling Services offers you the option of traditional Counselling as well as more creative therapeutic options including Sandplay Therapy.

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Valmai Palatchie

Well being seminars/employee therapy.

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Wanderlust Therapies
Wanderlust Therapies

Melissa at Wanderlust Therapies provides safe, non-judgemental, and holistic counselling services for individuals and couples, specializing in Sex Therapy, Relationship Therapy, and Migrant Difficulties. With a holistic approach to wellbeing and happiness, Melissa creates a safe and empowering environment for clients to learn, grow, challenge themselves, and flourish. As a qualified and registered Counsellor, Melissa offers online sessions that are as effective as face-to-face sessions, making therapy simple and flexible.

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Workitwell Logo

At Workitwell, we help businesses manage stress and challenges in the workplace. We offer bespoke wellbeing workshops for teams, and 1:1 coaching and supervision for allied health professionals. Our practical and compassionate approach is designed to help individuals and teams thrive in a supportive environment.

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Your Story Counselling & Family Therapy
Your Story Counselling & Family Therapy

Your Story Counselling & Family Therapy offers family therapy and counselling services for individual adults, families, children and young people. With 28 years of experience, their therapists are equipped to help clients with a wide range of issues. Additionally, they have a counselling lecturer on staff who teaches and publishes widely.

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Zoe Warren Counselling
Zoe Warren Counselling

Zoe is an experienced counsellor and coach who provides online and phone sessions for clients aged 17 and over across New Zealand. She offers a safe and confidential environment to address a wide range of issues including anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, relationship difficulties, sexual harm and family violence, stress, identity, LGBTQI+ and emotional eating/weight gain and weight-loss. With 10 years of experience, Zoe is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals and improve their wellbeing.

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