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Working together to prioritise the health and wellbeing of Aotearoa’s business backbone.

First Steps is a space that encourages business owners, managers and employees to prioritise wellbeing and awareness, so they can continue to grow impactful and profitable businesses while living balanced and fulfilling lives.

We know that now, more than ever, business owners, managers and employees are experiencing pressures, challenges and unpredictability that are impacting their ability to thrive. They’re confronting feelings of uncertainty, fear, grief, anxiety, depression. Perhaps a loss of control, self-doubt or disconnection.

No matter the complexity of these feelings, it’s important to know there is help available to support you. Our aim is to provide access to preventative support for business owners, managers and employees, and in turn, reduce the number of those seeking it in crisis. We know everyone’s journey is different, so by providing access to a variety of tools, resources and perspectives, we hope you feel seen, understood and supported in a way that works for you.

First Steps is a nation-wide initiative, provided in collaboration with The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, the Ministry of Health, the Auckland Chamber of Commerce and the Employers and Manufacturers Association. It is confidential and free to access.

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Registered Providers

We’ve located and approved local Qualified Providers who you can connect with and achieve your wellbeing goals.

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Videos and Resources
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We understand the pressures of being in business and have gathered some on line resources to support you – we have obtained these from trusted wellbeing professionals.

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Get practical tips and insights that can help shape your own strategies towards managing your wellbeing and integrating healthy routines into your lifestyle.

Do you need help now?

If you, or someone you know, requires crisis or emergency support, please reach out for help via the links below. You are not alone; there are FREE professional resources available to help you.