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One-On-One Mental Health and Wellbeing Support Now Available

Mental health and wellbeing support packages are now available nationwide, for businesses impacted by recent weather events.

Discover First Steps

An online hub to support your journey to wellbeing as a business owner, manager, or employee.

We know that business owners, managers and staff experience particular pressures that can begin to affect their ability to thrive and support others. First Steps is a space to find resources, video content, news and articles; as well as connecting you with confidential support from approved professional wellbeing providers, to help you make sense of challenging situations, reduce overwhelm and make meaningful change toward a fulfilling and balanced life.
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Wellbeing Professionals

We’ve located and approved local professionals who you can connect with and achieve your wellbeing goals.

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Videos and Resources
that will help

We understand the pressures of being in business and have gathered some on line resources to support you – we have obtained these from trusted wellbeing professionals.

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It’s OK to have a conversation around wellbeing and the impact it has on ourselves and our business.

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Workplace Wellbeing Programme

Introducing you to the Workplace Wellbeing Learning Programme. Through the Workplace Wellbeing Programme you and your team can access complimentary Workplace Wellbeing Risk Diagnostic Tool and Learning Resources.

Do you need help now?

If you, or someone you know, requires crisis or emergency support, please reach out for help via the links below. You are not alone; there are FREE professional resources available to help you.