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Our mission is to support business stakeholders, including owners, leaders, and employees, in developing resilience, promoting wellness, and acquiring the necessary skills to successfully navigate through periods of change and uncertainty.

What is ADHD?

Watch an insightful video follow-up to our popular ADHD resource – ‘What is ADHD and how do I know if I’m ADHD? Dive into this important subject with psychologists Dr. Louise and Charlotte from Mind Matters as they explore “What is ADHD?” Gain valuable insights as they address your common queries, such as identifying symptoms, obtaining a diagnosis, and effective management strategies.

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Just as you seek guidance in business, you deserve someone to help you understand and navigate your emotions, situations, and experiences with empathy and practical advice in a safe space, connecting you with a trusted provider who can assist in managing emotional wellbeing challenges.

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Neuroplasticity – retrain your brain

Consistent, daily repetition creates new neural pathways. Learning or trying something new is the most effective way to harness neuroplasticity.

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Breathe to Destress

Did you know that you have the power to calm your mind and reduce stress just by controlling your breath?

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Therapy myth busting: what is therapy actually like?

Therapy myth busting: what is therapy actually like?

For those who have never been before, therapy may feel shrouded in mystery. Hollywood portrayals and the confidential nature of therapy have contributed to many misconceptions about what goes on in the therapists office. This unfortunately may deter people from getting support. I want to demystify the therapy experience and remove this barrier. Let’s look at some of the common therapy myths.

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Should I go to therapy?

Should I go to therapy?

At some point in life, you may have asked yourself “Should I go to therapy?” However, it is not uncommon to hesitate in taking the next step of contacting a therapist. If therapy has not been normalised in your circle of family and friends, you may be unsure of when and where to seek help. So how do you know when you should reach out and to whom?

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The Psychology of Change

The Psychology of Change

It is well-established from psychological research that people do not make sudden decisions to change their behaviour and start acting differently. Change is a gradual and imperfect process. The behaviour change is just one part in the chain.

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We know that business owners, managers and staff experience particular pressures that can begin to affect their ability to thrive and support others. First Steps is a space to find resources, video content, news and articles; as well as connecting you with confidential support from approved professional wellbeing providers, to help you make sense of challenging situations, reduce overwhelm and make meaningful change toward a fulfilling and balanced life.
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Introducing you to the Workplace Wellbeing Learning Programme. Through the Workplace Wellbeing Programme you and your team can access complimentary Workplace Wellbeing Risk Diagnostic Tool and Learning Resources.

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