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Relax in 4 minutes with Box Breathing

Did you know you can use your breathing to relax and destress? Box breathing is a simple and effective technique with powerful results that can significantly reduce your levels of stress and anxiety.

Sometimes referred to as four-square breathing, this technique can benefit everyone and is utilised by athletes, US Navy Seals, police offers, and nurses, to name a few.

How does one box breathe?… It’s super simple and with some practice, it can become even easier and automatic in times of heightened pressure.
Here’s how to do it:

1️⃣ Breath in, slowly, for 4 seconds
2️⃣ Hold your breath, for 4 seconds
3️⃣ Exhale slowly, for 4 seconds
4️⃣ Hold at the end of the exhale for 4 seconds, before repeating

We recommend sitting comfortably and supported with your feet on the floor. Close your eyes if you feel comfortable and use your nose for the inhale. Try to bring your focus to your breath and feel the air coming in and going out. (some people even visualise good energy coming in, and bad energy going out).

Repeat the steps for up to 4 minutes or until you are feeling calmer.

Pro-tip – once you get used to box breathing – you can extend the time of you inhale, exhale and breath holds.

Do you need help now?

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