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One-on-One Mental Health and Wellbeing Support now available

Mental Health Wellbeing support packages for Nationwide Businesses impacted by recent weather events.

The New Zealand Government has reinstated its one-on-one wellbeing support for businesses impacted by recent weather events. Ongoing uncertainty has placed significant levels of pressure and stress on business owners and managers, leaving many feeling overwhelmed by the challenges they face before they can resume normal business operations.

To address this, business owners and managers can apply for confidential one-on-one professional mental health support by visiting firststeps.nz and filling out a simple application. This will give them free access to support from qualified health and wellbeing providers. Firststeps.nz has a list of preferred providers and have partnered with Clearhead, who have over 500 mental health professionals across New Zealand here to support those in need.

The timely support of qualified health and wellbeing providers is essential for addressing the mental health and wellbeing issues businesses may be facing. This support can improve relationships at work, home, and in the community, and enable people to approach their return to work with the right support and the best attitude. By prioritizing their wellbeing, businesses can navigate the challenges of life more effectively and unlock their full potential.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Categories

The Mental Health and Wellbeing package is for three (3) One-on-One supports sessions with approved mental health and wellbeing provider.

Eligibility for the one-on-one Mental Health and Wellbeing Support Packages

  • Be based in a weather-affected region
  • Be significantly affected by Cyclone Gabrielle and/or the January flooding

Apply for the one-on-one Mental Health and Wellbeing Support Packages:

Do you need help now?

If you, or someone you know, requires crisis or emergency support, please reach out for help via the links below. You are not alone; there are FREE professional resources available to help you.