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An aerial shot of a kiwi man running through New Zealand bush on a trail

1:1 Sounding Board & Strategy for optimum Health & Wellbeing


  • I’m here to share my real-life experience and help guide you towards better health & focus. I’m not a qualified mental health professionals, however I’ve lived the ups and downs of business over nearly 30 years.  This has come from working within our own family business, other family businesses, starting and then selling our online business to a Fortune 500 company and over the past 5 years, working alongside over 150 business owners & managers, all around NZ and also in Australia to help them gain clarity, determine priorities and then put an action plan in place.
  • Together, we discover what it is you’re seeking and how we overcome your challenges and obstacles to make good things happen, primarily feeling better as we take action.
  • Cost: Standard hourly rate is $395 + GST, however the cost is dependent on whether this is one-off sessions or ongoing monthly coaching.
An aerial shot of a kiwi man running through New Zealand bush on a trail

Group & Team workshop: Introduction to optimum Health & Wellbeing in both the workplace and in life


  • In this 1.25 hour workshop, we learn that everyone has ‘stuff going on
  • I’ll tell you my story that I trust helps you feel that you can nod along, based on your own work and life
  • We’ll cover the 7 key wellbeing pillars that we all need to think about daily, including coping strategies to ensure we’re our best selves, in order to tackle the demands of each day.
  • We’ll cover what might get in the way of you starting to make good habits
  • By the end of the session you will have some key notes that will help you put your Action Plan in place (template supplied)
  • Each workshop includes other hand out resources, to help you make immediate progress to help yourself, your family and your workplace.
  • Cost: Dependent on team size and expectations. As a guideline, $3000 + GST per session

Do you need help now?

If you, or someone you know, requires crisis or emergency support, please reach out for help via the links below. You are not alone; there are FREE professional resources available to help you.